Whirling Ways that Stars Collide

The secret seams of wonder and light

Those that carry the day and bear the night

Greatly rush through quiet places

And renders memory in strangers’ faces.

Those trails we seek, the roads we walk

The places we stay and persons who talk

Always ask what I am looking for?

What ends I seek, what distant shore? And I, in earnest do reflect, implying not at all…

Simply I am drawn in ways both big and small;

Therefore I submit to gravity’s guide

In the whirling ways that stars collide…

And as the twilight’s hush at close of day

The ways that rivers pull and rush that way

Pulls me in such force, I weary to contain it.

I surrender without wish now, to try restrain it.

Mine, eyes cast forward now, but looking back at me

Such eyes so bright! They are as the bluest sea.

And I must submit to Gravity’s guide,

In the whirling ways that stars collide.

#Newpoetry #Nature

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