My Constitution

To myself, I write:

Trust your instincts. Learn something new and useful everyday.

Commit yourself to making your world better by effort and communication.

Be honest with all those you encounter, but don’t tell everything you know, or say things that don’t need to be said.

Strive to trust, and be trustworthy.

Be spiritual.

Be thankful for being blessed with life, regard it tenderly, and reverently, and make the most of it.

Everyday, find something good in yourself and in someone you don’t like.

Be an outstanding friend.

Educate yourself, travel when you can. It makes you a brighter, more enlightened human, and it helps to work against prejudice.Accept others for who they are, inside their hearts, not how they look.

Make an effort to get to know someone. Everyone has something they can teach you, if you just look with open eyes.

Try a little harder to understand the things which are difficult.

Take the time to listen, it is good for you, and it makes others comfortable.

Be kind…and patient. Especially to strangers, children, the elderly and animals….remember, not everyone has your abilities; some have more---appreciate them for it.

Love your family and let them know it.Be faithful, and loyal.

Be the kind of person who leaves everything at least a little bit better than they found it.

Don’t settle for just getting by—if you are supposed to do something, do it right. It is a credit to your character.

Don’t be afraid to cry. Tears are express love letters from the soul.

Stand for what you believe in, when you know in your heart it is right.

Even if you think you are alone, you won’t always feel that way. One day, eyes will open elsewhere. Courage finds roots in the utterance of a word, and branches out progress when conviction becomes action.

Be forgiving. Admit when you are wrong. Everybody is, sooner or later.

Don’t slack---put in an honest day’s work, it fills you up. A day full of effort and heart will make you sleep better at night.

Smile when you feel like it, and try to smile when you don’t feel like it.Remember humor and laughter, they lubricate the soul.

Endeavor to grow throughout your life…in mind, and in spirit, make yourself always a little better.

Find at least one thing in this life that you really care about, and don’t be afraid to let yourself go to love it completely.

-Donna Elks


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