Language and Light

When the years grow weary upon my bones

Foraging through, each day I roam.

I pray, I hope, that blessings of youth

Can one day dance with age-learned truths.

Memories of youth in happiness spent

Tickle sweetly upon present tense.

But can wisdom, gained only in years afore

Learn to dance, as youth has long before?

Priviledged and rare, that gift I’d wear,

To mingle youth’s courage, with wisdom in pair.

That I may live long enough to see

It’s language and light revealed to me.

And at once I’d see the fullest expressing…

The beauty of life’s most wonderful blessing;

To hold both young and old in exquisite song

If only for brief moments before I’m gone.

(I hope I live long enough to feel that young again).

6-24-08 © Donna Elks

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